A New Dramatic Web Series Camp Abercorn Needs Your Help!

Authentic stories about camp and the people that work there.

The deadline for our campaign is over, but you can still contribute! Visit www.CampAbercorn.com/donate.


Every summer hundreds of thousands of Scouts head off to summer camp at hundreds of places just like Camp Abercorn.

Each faces their own individual challenges, and writes their own stories.

Camp Abercorn is a dramatic web series about the blunders and the victories—an authentic portrayal of life on camp staff. For ten weeks each summer Camp Abercorn becomes a bustling wonderland of activity for boys, guided by their fearless leaders—the camp staff.

To tell our stories we’ve created the Compass Guides of America, a fictional organization that parallels the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that we regard with the utmost respect and appreciation because we were Scouts, too.


If you’re looking for our original Q&A, it’s on our YouTube channel.

THE STAFF (our cast)

TOM RUSSELL But you can call him “Russell.” He’s the Shooting-Sports Director in the summer; and he’s been the Ranger year round for the past thirty years. It was a surprise to many when the Camp Director position opened and it didn’t go to him, but he doesn’t mind. He may not have the title, but he’s got the staff’s respect.

MARK TUNNEY Camp Abercorn’s new Camp Director. He’s not really “a kid person”—he’s blunt, unsympathetic, short tempered, and he’s got little to no tolerance for nonsense. No one knows what this mysterious Army veteran has in mind, but it’s clear that he means business.

ZAK FILINKOV Archery instructor and quintessential Eagle Guide. He’s handsome, personable, humble, athletic, smart, considerate, all that stuff; but his life is anything but picture perfect. The kid is brutal on himself, carefully maintaining an image of what he thinks is expected of him; but behind his cheerful service is a confused gay boy trying to find himself.

COLIN BENTON-POWERS A descendant of Compass Guide royalty, he looks like he’s never left the comfort of his mother’s house, because, well, he hasn’t. For reasons beyond his control, he’s been forced from his cozy London home into the Colorado wilderness to work as a Counselor in Training.

WILLY BESANCON He has so many badges, they wrap all the way around his sash. He is an avid, eager, 110% Compass Guide. The other guys call him “Willy-pedia” and make fun of him a bit, but they totally love him. There’s nothing fake or insincere about Willy. He’s a lovable, full speed ahead, die-hard nerd.

Willy has his own show: Willy’s Wild Wednesdays! Here’s a couple episodes.

You can watch them bigger on YouTube.

And lots more. There are even some girls!


With the BSA’s recent change in membership policy, youth members are no longer excluded based on sexual orientation, but parents and adult volunteers are still discriminated against. This chasm has created a question that needs to be answered.

What happens when a gay Scout turns eighteen? You can help us answer this question, and maybe even change the future.

While this is a big inspiration for the show, it’s not the only story we’re telling, not by a long shot.

We’re telling authentic stories inspired by real experiences that we hope people can relate to; some that will bring light to important issues; and some that are just plain fun.

In telling our story we hope to lend support to what America needs now more than ever; the awesome potential of Scouting for shaping boys into the men who will lead us into the future; men who treat everyone equally regardless of their gender or sexual preference.

Your support is critical to help us bring Camp Abercorn to life.


Huffington Post ‘Camp Abercorn’ Web Series Aims To Depict Boy Scouts’ Gay Controversy, Other Issues

GLAAD Camp Abercorn web series spotlights room for improvement in Boy Scouts


The first season is planned to be seven, half hour episodes. It’ll look and feel just like a show you’d watch on TV, but it will be made independently. We believe a web series can be high-quality, artistic, powerful work. $100,000 will pay for a pilot episode. If we surpass our goal, we will begin offering stretch goals for more episodes.

Shows with a similar aesthetic include Friday Night Lights or a PG version of Skins. In a world where dark violent dramas like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones are the most popular shows, it might seem crazy to make an innocent camp show, but what we lack in blood and cursing, we make up for with heart.

We are also releasing a series of shorts throughout our campaign that will offer a sneak peak at the show, introducing you to our crew, our characters, and the fictional world of the Compass Guides.


We’ve created a fake organization, and that means we designed everything from the ground up. Which means we have a ton of great original Compass Guide accessories just for you.



Jeffrey Simon - Series Creator 
Eagle Scout, Founders Award, Vigil Honor, two-term Lodge Chief of Pachsegink 246, Camp Staff at Mach-Kin-O-Siew, Shin-Go-Beek, and Napowan Adventure Base.

Jeffrey studied Production Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After school he worked as the Art Director under Emmy Award
winning production designer, Jimmy Cuomo (Pee-wee’s Playhouse) for three years. Filly Brown, an independent film he Art Directed, premiered at Sundance in competition. He was sponsored on a creative arts visa to work in London as an Assistant
Art Director under designer Oliver Scholl on the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt movie, Edge of Tomorrow. For the past year, he’s taken on the challenge of writing and directing Camp Abercorn

Matthew Andrews – Executive Producer/Writer
A Los Angeles native who started making movies in high school. He
continued with his passion in college where he studied film production and critical studies at UC Santa Cruz. His time since then has been spent producing educational children’s series, spec commercials, live game shows, and many short films. 

Meg Grgurich – Creative Producer/Writer
The next best thing to working at camp is to write about it, in Meg’s opinion. An accomplished scenic painter living in Chicago, Meg is ready to swap her paintbrush for a pen and help create some meaningful TV. Her training at Second City brings a comedic perspective and her five summers working at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School in Colorado brings the camp. Although she can’t say she’s ever been a Boy Scout, she knows how to build a fire and keep bears from getting in your trash. 

Brad Leland – Executive Producer/”Russell”
Brad Leland (born September 15, 1954) is an American film and TV actor best known for his role as Buddy Garrity Sr. in the beloved series FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC-Universal). He played a similar role, John Aubrey, in the film version starring Billy Bob Thornton. Other recent roles include Congressman Witten in the new HBO series THE LEFTOVERS, a guest star appearance in LONGMIRE (A&E) and a recurring role as SENATOR O’BRIEN in HBO’s VEEP. Brad has been acting and directing on stage, in film and in television for over four decades and can be seen in over 66 projects such as HANCOCK, MOBIUS, THE BYSTANDER THEORY, SILVERADO, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. 

Born in Lubbock, Texas to Bill and Shirley Williams, Brad stepped on stage for the first time in 1959 at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Disneyland. He married Freda Ramsey in 1978 and has two daughters. An avid golfer and sports enthusiast, he lives in Dallas, Texas. Brad is also producing a feature film, RINDLE.


We believe that the most important part in creating this show is collaborating with good people. And we have them! We have great people! Getting this money will help us pay them a fair rate. Take a look at the graph below to see exactly where the money will be going.

Our crew is passionate and working for very low wages. The money in our budget pays them just above minimum wage.

Making a TV show is expensive. What we’re asking for is a fraction of what a studio show costs.


The current plan is to release the show on YouTube free for everyone. Another possibility is that we’d end up on a paid service (like Netflix or Hulu). What we can guarantee is that anybody who makes a contribution to the show through Indiegogo will have unrestricted access to stream the series once it’s released.

We know it looks like we’ve filmed a whole lot, but the reality is that we’ve only shot a trailer. There is no more show, not without your help.


Trust issues with crowdfunding projects?

We take preparation seriously. We’ve been in development on Camp Abercorn for over a year—writing, casting, filming, rewriting—all to make sure we are absolutely ready to launch a crowdfunding campaign and film the series. It’s an ambitious project, but we are confident in our story, our message, and our team.

Whatever money we make in this campaign will go to producing the best show we can afford. Perhaps a pilot, hopefully more.

Over the course of the campaign we’ll be releasing 21 short videos that we think prove our filmmaking abilities.

We convinced Brad Leland (veteran actor from NBC’s Friday Night Lights and HBO’s The Leftovers) to give us a shot, and we hope to convince you, too.

An Eagle Scout follows through.

Select a Perk

$10 USD
Compass Guide

You are now part of the Compass Guide family. You’ll be granted access to a private "Compass Guide" online community where we can all share in the adventure that is Camp Abercorn. This will include behind the scenes videos, photos, and more.

$20 USD
Campfire Classic

Enjoy a digital download of original camp songs written for the show, sung by our cast, including "Here at Camp Abercorn" our camp theme song.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$30 USD

You get a beautiful embroidered Camp Abercorn patch!

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$40 USD
Color Guard

Look official! Take home a limited edition, Indiegogo exclusive Compass Guide neckerchief. Woggle making kit included.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$50 USD
Old School Guide

What the heck is a web series? Just give it to me on Blu-ray/DVD so I can watch it on my TV! We’ll even throw in a bonus disc of Behind The Scenes footage.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$75 USD

You've earned your first rank. In addition to a Feeblefoot patch, you'll get a Camp Abercorn T-Shirt. Pick from 2 great designs.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$100 USD
Second Class Guide

Second class, but first in our hearts. In addition to your rank patch, you get an autographed character poster (16” x 20”). Choose your favorite cast member!

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$150 USD
First Class Guide

A first class reward for a first class donor. In addition to your First Class patch, you’ll receive a custom metal Camp Abercorn belt buckle. This serious piece of swag will surely help your swagger!

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$250 USD
Star Guide

Now that you’re a Star Guide, you get to be a star! The boathouse walls are plastered with old photos of campers, and you can be one of them. Your face will be featured, trust us.

Comes with a Star Guide embroidered rank patch. Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$300 USD
Life Guide

You’re committed for the long haul. How about a limited edition poster (24” x 36”) signed by our cast so you can remember us always.

Comes with a Life Guide embroidered rank patch! Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$500 USD
Patch Collector

Just give me the patches! A complete set of Compass Guide Rank patches. This is the only way to get the "Compass Guide" and "Feeblefoot" patches.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$1000 USD
Eagle Guide

A limited silver edition Eagle Guide rank patch! Also, an official Eagle Guide certificate, neckerchief, and a custom neckerchief slide carved with your initials.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$2500 USD
Acting Badge

Come show us your acting chops as a featured extra. Spend a day on set with the cast and even say a line on screen! Travel and accommodations not included.

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$5000 USD
Camp Director

Own a piece of Camp Abercorn! We’ll name a location at camp after you. Perhaps a lake, campsite, or a building.

It also comes with an embroidered Camp Director staff patch.

$7500 USD
Filmmaking Adventure

A high adventure opportunity for the aspiring filmmaker. Come visit the Camp Abercorn set and shadow our director, Jeffrey Simon, for a day. Experience what being on a film set is like. Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Travel and accommodations not included. (Though we can probably find room for your tent!)

Also includes Compass Guide perks.

$10000 USD
Guide Executive

Executive Producer credit on the series and profile creation on IMDb. Make up to three visits to the Camp Abercorn set. Set visit dates subject to scheduling. Travel and accommodations not included.