An adventure can begin at the most unlikely of times, so be prepared to look good when it does. Always carry a neckerchief.

Camp Abercorn Goes to Sundance

While all eyes are SXSW, we’re still thinking about the wonderful time we had and people we met at Sundance. Check out the highlights of our time in the snow in our uniforms.

The song is “Be Prepared” by Tom Lehrer. He’s a gem.


A Message From Sundance

Thank you all so much for the incredible response we’ve received from our promo video. Matt and I are currently at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and couldn’t be more jazzed. We’re scout uniform clad and spreading the word of Camp Abercorn. I want to take a moment and explain why I feel obligated to make this show.

Camp Abercorn Patch

We will be in Park City the next few days, talking to people and doing some good. We’d like to send out an open invitation to any local Utah Boy Scouts who support our show to come do some good with us. Matt and I can be easily overlooked, but if we had a swarm of scouts, people would take notice. Feel free to contact us. We are handing out some awesome patches to any like minded folks that express interest in the show. If you’d like one of your own, we’ll put them up for sale next week.

Pursuit of Takei

At Gray Oak, we set our sights high, but have very specific goals in mind and work tirelessly towards hitting them.

One of those goals has been to get George Takei to be involved in Camp Abercorn and we are actively trying to make that happen. George is a social media goliath, but more than that, he was a scout himself and is a strong supporter of Scouts for Equality. We believe his support would greatly enhance the potential for a successful production of the show.

We are sharing this goal with you, because we want your support and want you to be part of this adventure. Please follow us @grayoakprod where we will keep you up to date on all our efforts, highlight our progress and all things Takei as we engage in theĀ #pursuitoftakei. Our first measure of action is an open video letter to George, which can be seen here:

Dear George