The gray oak (not to be confused with grey oak, a shrub) was an early species of tree in the genus Quercus that was so large it offered early human families a lifetime of sustainable sustenance. Or so they thought. Water pockets found in its extensive veins were tapped for drinking. The meat scooped out of a single acorn—often a yard in diameter—could feed a family of four for a week. And the shell—don’t get me started on the shell—made an excellent building material. Acorn chairs anybody? Yes, please. But to nobody’s surprise, humans exploited them into extinction.

Gray Oak Productions, like its namesake, reminds artists that it is important not to draw all their creative sustenance from the same source, that just because something is easy or popular doesn’t mean it’s good. We are a supportive, creative, collaborative community of artists working together to tell original stories on film (or its digital equivalent). In a culture full of memes and noise, we hope to create quality content that’s worth your time to watch and listen. Creative sustainability cannot be achieved by tapping into and exploiting the vein of pop culture, but by drawing from a multitude of resources in hopes of moving our social consciousness forward.

Founded in 2006 by Jeffrey Simon.