Meet the Rest of the Staff

Today we'd like to introduce you to our three other main characters

Meet Colin:


A descendant of Compass Guide royalty, he looks like he’s never left the comfort of his mother’s house, because, well, he hasn’t. For reasons beyond his control, he’s been forced from his cozy London home into the Colorado wilderness to work as a Counselor in Training. Click here for the video.

Meet Mark:


Camp Abercorn’s new Camp Director. He’s not really “a kid person”—he’s blunt, unsympathetic, and he’s got little to no tolerance for nonsense. No one knows what exactly this mysterious Army veteran has in mind, but it’s clear that he means business.

Meet Zak:


You know those Norbert Rockwall paintings of Compass Guides? That’s Zak. He’s handsome, personable, humble, athletic, smart, considerate, all that stuff. Pick any moment of his day and slap it on the cover of A Guiding Life magazine.

Jeffrey Simon