The Adventure Has Begun

Thanks to your support and generosity, we are pleased to announce that we have finished filming our pilot episode!


September and October were incredibly productive months. First, we found Camp Abercorn! The lovely people at Camp Namanu agreed to let us live, work and play on their property in Sandy, Oregon. Check out these pictures. You’ve never really seen the color GREEN until you’ve experienced a temperate rainforest in the Pacific Northwest.

Also, it should be noted that Portland granted us uncharacteristically warm, sunny weather for the duration of the shoot. It started raining 10 minutes before we wrapped and does not seem to have stopped since.

We rounded out our cast with some Portland talent and couldn’t be happier with the additions to our team. One of the most rewarding aspects of the shoot was the new friendships forged between our Los Angeles and Portland cast and crew. The success of Camp Abercorn will be a direct effect of the professionalism, talent, hard work, and chemistry amongst these people. Cream of the crop.

There’s a thing that happens every now and again in the collaborative arts. It’s always difficult to pinpoint, but impossible to deny, and can best be described as magic. We worked really long hours, asked our cast and crew to sleep in bunk beds built for teenagers, subjected everyone to an involuntary phone and social media detox (no reception in the woods), and threw our actors into a freezing cold lake in the dead of night.

It felt fantastic.

In trying to make this story about the beauty and importance of camp, camp happened to us. New and unlikely friendships were formed. We were thrown together to work as a team in an intense little bubble of time and space. We had campfires and s’mores, sang songs, hiked, swam, some of us even “went native” and disappeared to sleep in the trees. It felt magical and it felt like camp.

On behalf of all of us at Gray Oak Productions, thank you for your support. You made something really cool happen for a dedicated group of people in the forests of Sandy, Oregon. We’re feeling confident that we’ve made something really cool for you, too.

Although the shoot itself is finished, there’s still plenty of work left before we can unveil the finished product. Editing and assembly have begun. Music is being written. Once the pilot is finished, the real fun begins as we start funding and shooting the rest of the series. It’s going to a long and bumpy road, and we’ll bring you along for every bit of it.


SPECIAL THANKS to the following people:

Nunpah and Ant Farm. Coolest coffee shop on the planet. Your generosity is the caffeine of the soul!

Kathy & Doug Powers. Thank you for lending us “The Beast.”

ADX Portland for the awesome signage. If you’re a Portland local and interested in joining a makerspace, be sure to check them out.

Charlie Shumar and PORCUPINE for taking care of us at camp!

Jesse Pacem, you made a mean pioneering tower.

and Ethan Jewett, who you can thank for most of these great photos.



Are you Ready To Go?!




Jeffrey Simon