The Compass Guide From Outer Space

Aliens Have Invaded Camp Abercorn!

Today we have a video series we are very excited about sharing. It’s a three part short film, made by a young Compass Guide. It stars four very talented kids, Matthew Broadley as Simon, Luke Davis as Mac, Sam Caruana as Bruno, and last but not least, Sage Ironwood who takes on the roles of the Mom and the Alien. Yes, I said Alien.


Another fun announcement! Tomorrow is going to be the first of our Five Dollar Fridays! For Friday only, you can get a Camp Abercorn patch for contributing only $5 (usually $30) so it’s a great reason to get the word out. Until then, please enjoy THE COMPASS GUIDE FROM OUTER SPACE!

Thanks again to all our contributors and please help spread the word about #CampAbercorn!

Jeffrey Simon