A New Camp Called Abercorn

UPDATE 2: We did it! We raised over $100,000!! Thanks to everybody who made the campaign a success. Now onto filming our pilot episode!

UPDATE: We're raising money for Camp Abercorn! Help us make Camp Abercorn a reality. Contribute on Indiegogo today.


Right now we're trying to gather support from folks who believe summer camp is a vital part of every boy’s youth. It's not too late for the Boy Scouts.

We'd love to hear your stories from camp. Add them in the comments section below or send Jeffrey an email directly.

Through Camp Abercorn we hope to make the BSA cool again, to remind veteran scouts why it’s worth fighting for and to inspire youth to WANT to come to camp.

We've been writing for six months, and we'll be fundraising through Kickstarter soon. But we'd be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to mention that filming is very expensive. We would really like to pay our crew living wages. All the proceeds go directly to the filming of Camp Abercorn.

Or donate to us right now. 

We have a PayPal link setup. If we get enough money we’ll skip Kickstarter and you’ll see Camp Abercorn even sooner.

The waterfront at Camp Abercorn (without snow).

The waterfront at Camp Abercorn (without snow).



Thank you so much for taking the time to watch and read and listen and all that. Proceed to the comments with your stories!

Oh, and remember to be prepared for camp with an official T-Shirt. They're all the rage. At least we think so.

Jeffrey, Matthew, & Meg
The Camp Abercorn Writing Team

Jeffrey Simon