Become a Camp Abercorn Recruiter

Attention, Camp Staffers! Welcome to the Abercorn Recruitment Office. 

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This summer we're making it our mission to have a Camp Abercorn viewing party at every summer camp in the US. 

The #1 question we're asked is "when can I see the next episode?" We don't know yet. But the best way to convince investors to finance more episodes is to prove there is a continued growing interest in the pilot. The team of us Here at Camp Abercorn HQ are committed to Abercorn's future, but we can't do it without your help. 

How do I become a Recruiter?

If you're working on camp staff this summer, fill out this form and we'll send you a free copy of the episode for you to use for your screening party.

If you don't work at a camp (or it's not currently summer), you can still host a viewing party of five or more people to earn your Recruiter patch!

Recruitment Advancement

Patches, T-Shirts, and other memorabilia are given out for each recruitment level achieved.

  • Recruiter Host a viewing party with 5 or more of your friends to earn a recruiter patch and a free copy of the Pilot.
  • Bronze Recruiter Refer at least 5 people to host their own viewing party* and earn the official recruiter t-shirt (not for sale). 
  • Silver Recruiter Refer 10 people to host viewing parties* and receive a Camp Abercorn Belt Buckle!
  • Gold Recruiter Refer 100 recruiters to host viewing parties* and you'll receive the special Gold Recruiter Patch, and a complete Compass Guide of America uniform with patches.

*A Guide is trustworthy. Parties must be unique groups of people. Please use the honor system.

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