Camp Abercorn Pilot

Official Trailer for Episode 1


Indiegogo Campaign Videos

The videos below were produced for our Camp Abercorn Indiegogo Campaign in an attempt to capture the scope and feel of the show and its characters.

The Indiegogo Campaign Video

The Trailer for the Indiegogo campaign we made BEFORE we shot the pilot. 

 "Here At Camp Abercorn" Song

Meet Russell

Meet Mark

Meet Zak

Meet Colin

"Willy's Wild Wednesdays" is an educational series made by everyone's favorite Science Guide.


All About Poop

Songs of the Birds

The Art of Camoflauge

The Moon

"The Compass Guide From Outer Space" is a series of short films created by some young Compass Guides to earn their cinematography merit badge.


The Compass Guide From Outer Space: Part 1

Compass Guides From Outer Space: Part 2

Compass Guides From Outer Space: Part 3

Russell's Pine Sap Commercial

We were featured on Take Part Live!

How the Millenials Do It With Steven Pressfield:


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Exploratory Videos

The videos below were made at the onset of the idea of Camp Abercorn to explain why we wanted to make the show, and how we were going to go about it.

Camp Abercorn Announcement Video

Boy Scout Manifesto

At Sundance